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Safe and smooth onboarding for all

Dojah is Africa's first end-to-end onboarding platform; helping businesses onboard verified Africans to their services.

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Enabling scale through transparency and credibility

The digital world has enabled us all to access global opportunities—remote work, communication with people across continents, and onboarding customers across the globe.

Now, we’re immersed in a remote world that enables us to not just build groundbreaking solutions but to deploy them at scale for a global audience. Because why not?

This advancement, however, has also given room for new challenges.

  • How do you guarantee that the person on the other side of the screen is who they say they are?
  • How do you ensure hiring, onboarding, tax and finances, or data protection compliance while scaling your company across countries?
  • How do you provide a seamless, safe and secure system that users will trust enough to share their information?**
  • How do you merge all of the above with product development, operations, support, growth and the myriad of things needed for success as you scale?

Thanks to our powerful technology and smart people, we’re making all these possible and easy for modern businesses in Africa.

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A tightly-knit team united by the same values and purpose; growing their careers, building safe and smooth onboarding for everyone.

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