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Unlock profitable partnerships with Dojah's Identity Infrastructure—drive business growth, explore new markets and earn commissions on referral.

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Routes to Join the Dojah Partners’ Network

The Dojah partnership program is flexible—allowing you to collaborate with Dojah to design and develop preferred partnership routes.

Resellers Program

The reseller program allows registered businesses to deploy our Identity Infrastructure, and drive business growth with reselling opportunities. Gain competitive edge with a discount. Explore new revenue streams with our infrastructure.

Affiliate Program

With this program, businesses and individuals earn a commission for each legitimate lead and converted business that you refer to us. Earn commission on referred businesses. The Dojah partnership program is flexible—allowing you to collaborate with Dojah to design and develop preferred partnership routes.

Dojah’s Identity Infrastructure

Flexible frameworks for a multilayered approach to identity from sign up to transactions with APIs, dashboards and no-code tools.

User Onboarding

Onboard new users and verify their ID without compromising on security and speed.

User Authentication

Authenticate users at login with a combination biometrics, messaging and government ID checks.

Fraud Prevention

Advanced fraud prevention tool powered by AI and ML detects fraud patterns and approves trusted users fast.

Transaction Monitoring

Automate decisions and monitor transactions for potential fraud with pre-set rules and events.

Why Partner with Dojah?

Thriving Identity Verification Market

Join a rapidly growing market as businesses worldwide prioritize secure and seamless identity verification. Be part of the digital transformation by promoting Dojah's cutting-edge solutions.

Generous Commissions

Earn a substantial 10% commission on the initial payment and an ongoing 15% on monthly net revenue from businesses you refer. Maximize your earnings with every successful partnership.

Marketing support

Leverage Dojah's professionally crafted sales materials to effortlessly promote our solutions within your network. Benefit from a wealth of resources designed to enhance your marketing efforts.

Flexible Collaboration

Partner with Dojah as an affiliate without the need for a Dojah account. Whether you're an individual or a registered company, you can dive into the affiliate program hassle-free.

Negotiate volume-based discounts

Unlock the potential for negotiated volume-based discounts for your referrals, giving you the ability to tailor agreements based on your network's needs.

Earn monthly commissions

Enjoy a continuous revenue stream by earning 10% of the monthly net revenue generated by the businesses you refer. Payments are deposited directly into your Dojah account on a monthly basis.

Who qualifies to join the program?

Tech Enterprise

Are you a business consultant with a network of clients looking to enhance their KYC, compliance and fraud prevention processes? Join Dojah Connect to provide them with cutting-edge solutions.

Business consultants

Businesses operating in the technology sector; DevShops, Technical Consulting Businesses, Venture Capital, existing Dojah customers, and tech startups across industries.

Individual Influencers

If you have a significant online presence, especially in industries related to technology, business, or security, you can amplify your influence by becoming an approved member of Dojah Connect.

Ready to Maximize Your Influence and Earnings?

Join the Dojah Partners’ Network today and become a key player in driving the adoption of secure and innovative identity verification solutions.

Become A Partner