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Authenticate users with biometric data; beyond passwords

Verify users with a short video or selfie. Dojah checks that the user is live and their facial biometrics matches a valid ID.

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Onboard users with a biometric verification
An added layer of protection for your users
Make verification seamless with biometrics

Powering digital trust for companies across Africa

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Protect against suspicious sign ups and impersonation

Biometric verification with selfies, short videos and fingerprints helps you automatically confirm that the genuine user is live and the presented biometrics matches a valid ID. This way, you’re able to spot fraudsters at the gate before they gain entry to your platform or impersonate an unsuspecting user.

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Catch up to 98% of document and identity fraud attempts

Dojah’s global identity verification, covers over 3,000 document types from 150+ countries. Our Document Verification APIs, widgets and no-code tools help you automatically spot forgeries and counterfeits on physical or digital documents.

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Strengthen compliance and security with AML solutions

Deploy end-to-end KYC and AML tools to screen users against global PEP and sanctions watchlists. Dojah’s AML watchlist coverage is updated in real-time, to help your business assess the potential AML risk exposure of your customers.

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Check IP address and identify devices from anywhere in the world

Our IP Address Lookup tool will show you the city, state, zip code, country, ISP, and time zone of any IP. This would inform business decisions for each risk level.

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Production-ready integration

Dojah provides flexible integration options and libraries that help you deploy identity verification at scale without compromising on your onboarding experience.

Enrol once, get robust data

One-time integration allows you to verify all types of KYC documents across African countries in seconds through Dojah’s robust identity lookup service.

Fraud-proof user onboarding

Biometrics are near-impossible to fake or replicate, so you can spot:

Distorted Photos

Print & Screenshot Photos

3D Photo Masks

Video Replays

Smoother verification experience

Reduce customer drop-off rates by verifying their identities on the go. You can also use biometrics data to automate:

Selfie Logins

High-risk Transactions

Multi-factor Authentication

Soft job for technical and non-technical teams

Quickly deploy ID verification across your product while saving your engineering team time on integration, and your operations team can spend less time exploring several API providers. nd your operations team can spend less time exploring several API providers.

Start identifying with no code

Our no-code tool, Easy lookup allows you obtain the information of single or multiple customers across different countries’ Government IDS directly from your Dashboard.

Explore our end-to-end onboarding widget

Reduce the drop-off on your product sign up with the ID Verification Widget, which allows you to verify IDs and provide instant feedback at sign up. which allows you to verify IDs.