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Monitor 10,000 Transactions Monthly for FREE.

Access and verify financial data, build better products

Get bank data such as account statements, balance, identity, spending patterns and more in seconds with your users’ permission.

Contact sales
Access user-permitted bank data in seconds
Verify account ownership and mitigate fraud
Build better products and user experience

Powering digital trust for companies across Africa

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A full stack of payment and financial tools on your platform or marketplace

Easy integration

Embed our widget into your mobile app, website, or your payment interface via the Dojah dashboard. Receive payments, reduce fraud, assess risk, and build new products.

Connect our expansive bank coverage

Our endpoint helps you instantly retrieve and verify user-permitted data from accounts across major banks and financial services.

Power payment and financial processes

Verify Bank Account Owner

Reduce fraud by confirming bank account ownership information like full name, date of birth, phone number, address, BVN and more.

Check Account Balance

Pull real-time account balance information to confirm your user has sufficient funds before initiating debits.

Retrieve Historical Transactions

Obtain data about users’ cash flow, income, and spending habits to build financial management tools or offer financial services.

Retrieve Bank Statements

Pull bank statement data from specific timeframes for up to 12 months to get insights into the spending habits of your users.

Put customers in charge

Allow users to decide the type of data to share including transaction history, balance, account, and identity information.

Optimised for conversion

Reduce drop-off during checkout and other processes by streamlining account verification and data sharing.

End-to-end payment experience

Spot forgery, extract and verify data from vehicle documents accurately

Soft job for technical and non-technical teams

Quickly deploy ID verification across your product while saving your engineering team time on integration, and your operations team can spend less time exploring several API providers. nd your operations team can spend less time exploring several API providers.

Start identifying with no code

Our no-code tool, Easy lookup allows you obtain the information of single or multiple customers across different countries’ Government IDS directly from your Dashboard.

Explore our end-to-end onboarding widget

Reduce the drop-off on your product sign up with the ID Verification Widget, which allows you to verify IDs and provide instant feedback at sign up. which allows you to verify IDs.

Build with a pricing plan that fits your product stage and business model.

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References and guides to get your developer running with our APIs.

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