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Monitor 10,000 Transactions Monthly for FREE.

Access full-stack financial data with one integration

Explore a one-stop shop for your financial data needs with tailored experiences and tools for your business.

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Reduce drop-off rate at checkout
Build better products with financial data
Access user-permitted bank data in seconds

Powering digital trust for companies across Africa

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how it works

Access users’ financial data with a few lines of code


Embed our widget into your mobile app, website, or add it to your payment interface via the Dojah dashboard.


Users connect their financial accounts to your platform via the widget interface in seconds


Connect to major banks and retrieve permitted data from a broad set of financial institutions.


Start authenticating financial data, optimising payments and product experiences with pre-built flows

Birds-eye view of your performance on the Dojah dashboard

Comprehensive Analytics

View actionable insights and performance results for informed decisions. With this, it is possible to automate decision making

Look and Feel

Allows your users be at ease by adjusting the widget to match your brand’s look and feel

Instant Authentication

Automate decision-making and eliminate the need for manual authentication.

See how it works in detail

A blend of identity and financial data tools

Link Bank Accounts

Allow your users securely connect their financial accounts in seconds

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Access Bank Transactions

Retrieve financial data to reduce fraud and assess risk

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Analyse Transactions

Understand your users’ spending and income patterns

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