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Monitor 10,000 Transactions Monthly for FREE.

Verify documents across countries and formats

Capture, extract and screen information on several ID document types within Africa in seconds

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Authenticate user documents within 30-60 seconds
Save operational cost with automated check
Accurate data extraction powered by AI

Powering digital trust for companies across Africa

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HOW It works

Verify documents in just three steps

Image capture

The end-user captures and uploads the photo of any identity document, e.g. International Passport, Utility Bill etc.

Extract data

Our technology detects and extracts text from the documents in real-time and with great accuracy.

Instant feedback

We then provide instant and detailed feedback from the document; completing the verification process.

Verify these supported IDs + Custom documents

Comprehensive security

Dojah’s Verification APIs meet the highest industry standards and comply with regulatory licences so your business is protected from different parameters of document fraud.

Counterfeit & Pseudo Documents

Compromised Documents

Photoshopped Documents

Microprint Check

Forged ID Photo

Pick the use case that’s right for you

All you have to do is pick whichever use cases that fits well for your business and allow us tweak the kinks towards how you want it and we would get it done.

Driver registration

Payment verification

Staff onboarding

Account opening

Customer onboarding

Investor verification

Adopt next-level proof of verification

About 70% of fraudulent activities are perpetuated outside of the identity document. Take document verification to the next level; tackle identity theft and synthetic fraud with complete proof of identity.

Match document data with biometrics

With our Biometric Verification, you can match a face or fingerprint against the provided identity document.

Verify that users are remotely present

Explore Dojah Liveness Check to detect that a fingerprint or face is from a live person present at the point of capture.

Build with a pricing plan that fits your product stage and business model.

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References and guides to get your developer running with our APIs.

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