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Monitor 10,000 Transactions Monthly for FREE.

Capture device and address data used for verification by users

Digitally collect and analyze comprehensive data about the location and device used for verification by your users.

Contact sales
Detect malicious attempts before it becomes fraud.
Eliminate manual address and timestamps check
99% accuracy rate for the prevention of identity fraud

Powering digital trust for companies across Africa

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Keep your business safe and operational costs down

Identify location and device type anywhere in the world

Prevent fraud with comprehensive data to identify authorized users and non-authorized fraudsters. Detect the following data points:

Phone number Lookup

Instant SMS Verification

Name & ID Match

A smart address validation system

Our smart verification technology automatically checks that the customer is within range of the captured address and triggers a percentage score indicating the accuracy of the address match per time.

Build efficient operations and a smoother experience

Eliminate manual data capture, typo errors, physical visits and phone calls that intrude on users’ privacy. Optimize the time and cost of address verification by easily capturing:

Phone number Lookup

Instant SMS Verification

Name & ID Match

Capture comprehensive data

Efficiently capture comprehensive data and insights from multiple data points that cater to the needs of all kinds of businesses.

Detect fake IDs and information

Leverage machine learning and automated review process

PII data encrypted with AES-256 at rest

Cross-reference ID number with document data

Soft job for technical and non-technical teams

Quickly deploy ID verification across your product while saving your engineering team time on integration, and your operations team can spend less time exploring several API providers. nd your operations team can spend less time exploring several API providers.

Start identifying with no code

Our no-code tool, Easy lookup allows you obtain the information of single or multiple customers across different countries’ Government IDS directly from your Dashboard.

Explore our end-to-end onboarding widget

Reduce the drop-off on your product sign up with the ID Verification Widget, which allows you to verify IDs and provide instant feedback at sign up. which allows you to verify IDs.

Build with a pricing plan that fits your product stage and business model.

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References and guides to get your developer running with our APIs.

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