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Monitor 10,000 Transactions Monthly for FREE.

Beat fraud.Build trust.Unlock growth.

EasyDetect enables businesses to easily identify suspicious activity throughout the user journey and proactively safeguard their platforms.

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Detect payment fraud for any business or industry

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Did you know?

The average organization loses around 5% of its annual revenue to fraud.

Develop a robust, risk-based library of rules to gain a deeper understanding of and proactively address business risks as your company expands.

Did you know?

Fraudsters often use stolen or fake identities to create multiple accounts on digital platforms

Manually spotting ID documents tied to multiple fake accounts on your own is difficult. Our multi-factor authentication prevents vulnerabilities that fraudsters could exploit.

Automated risk assessment

Set risk-scoring factors for consumer or business customers

Perform onboarding and continuous risk assessment

Fine-tune risk-scoring to match user behaviour

Identify and block suspicious activity with real-time alert

Real-time transaction monitoring

Automate decisions and monitor transactions for potential fraud

Pre-set custom rules and events for user activities in-app

Optimise fraud prevention strategies with machine learning

Automatically update rules in real-time for maximum accuracy

Data-driven insights

Access user analytics for easy risk scoring.

Analyze data to gain insights into user behaviour

Utilize analytics to optimize business operations

Create products and services that result in a better user experience