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Monitor 10,000 Transactions Monthly for FREE.

Control risk with advanced user screening

Integrate user screening into your authentication process and verify AML, Phone, Email, and IP with an overall risk score.

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One Integration. Full Verification.

Save time and resources, screen Identity, Email, IP, Phone and AML data with one integration.

Assess Risk Levels

Tailor risk thresholds to determine an overall score, and ascertain accurate risk levels per time.

Tighten Fraud Prevention

Reduce fraudulent transactions and safeguard financial stability.

Screen User Data Worldwide. With one Endpoint!

Email, phone, IP Address and AML screening via PEP, OFAC, Sanction and Adverse media across 200+ countries and 42800+ databases

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Identity Verification

Verify users from any country by comparing provided information—first name, last name, middle name and date of birth, address—against reliable data sources.

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Email Verification

Validate the format and existence of an email address by checking domain details, accounts registered with the email, email breaches, date created and expiration.

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IP Address Check

Analyze the user's IP address to determine geolocation, proxy usage, or association with suspicious or malicious activities.

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Phone Number Verification

Verify the authenticity of a phone number. Check its format, carrier, country of registration and whether it is active and reachable.

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