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Ayomide Ajayi-John


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Cleva Powers Safe International Payments for Africans With Dojah

Cleva Banking enables African individuals and businesses to open US-based accounts for USD payments, no US residency is required. Launched in August 2023, Cleva has helped thousands of Nigerians process over $1 million monthly, with a remarkable 100% revenue growth. Their mission? To streamline international payments for Nigerians and expand across Africa, requiring just a Bank Verification Number (BVN) and government ID for onboarding, powered by Dojah's Identity Verification Systems.

The Need

  • A smooth onboarding process with minimal friction and a seamless user experience.
  • Ensuring compliance with KYC and AML regulations
  • A flexible integration process that accommodates the needs of an early-stage startup, can serve its growing market, and communicate fast.

We chose to work with Dojah because they understood us better and being new to the KYC space, we needed a provider that had the time, resources, and experience to guide us through the process. 
- Tolu Alabi, Cofounder & CEO, Cleva Banking


Being a fast-growing startup, Cleva needed more than just an identity verification provider – they needed a growth partner. Enter Dojah, supporting Cleva as they navigated their KYC requirements with seamless government identity verification and integration. Cleva's robust identity verification process relies on two key Dojah solutions: the BVN Lookup API and the EasyLookup no-code solution.

For the first step, Cleva uses the BVN Lookup API to fetch the information attached to a user's Bank Verification Number. After that, their system automatically checks if the information on the BVN matches the data provided by the user. If the details do not match, Cleva flags that account and provides feedback to the user.

In cases where the BVN data and provided details match, Cleva moves to the second step of the identity verification process. For this stage, Cleva requests users to submit identity verification documents like utility bills and International Passports. Upon submission, Cleva uses Dojah's EasyLookup to review the documents for further verification and validation manually.


The entire integration process took a few calls to set up thanks to a super helpful and proactive Client Retention Manager. Cleva has since onboarded over 20,000 users and processed over $1 million in monthly payments for its users in Nigeria. Thanks to Dojah, Cleva has ensured:

  • Safe Platform: The multilayer system makes it much harder for users with fraudulent IDs to slip through any cracks.
  • Sped-up onboarding: Automated checks accelerate approvals for legitimate users.
  • Ensure regulatory compliance: The thorough verification process satisfies KYC regulations.

Our experience with Dojah's solutions has been excellent. We have enjoyed working with Dojah and look forward to partnering with them more.
- Tolu Alabi, CoFounder & CEO, Cleva Banking

Stay Compliant and One Step Ahead of Fraudsters With Dojah's

Dojah has helped over 500 businesses like Cleva, OurPass, CDCare, Selar, and Opay to prevent fraud, stay compliant, verify identities, and onboard users seamlessly. 

Dojah's suite of no-code tools, APIs, and widgets seamlessly integrates into your existing system and tech stack. These solutions give you access to a user's financial data, biometric data, government data, telco data, AML data, and more for seamless verification and onboarding.

Ready to secure all aspects of your user journey? Then, create an account to get startedContact us if you have any questions or schedule a demo session.

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