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Ogooluwa Adedoyin


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Combating Life Insurance Fraud with Dojah's KYC and Data Networkkkk

Combating Life Insurance Fraud with Dojah's KYC and Data Network

Life insurance fraud is a costly issue, and it occurs in multiple ways. Examples include people taking out policies on themselves and then faking their deaths, criminals taking out policies on unknowing individuals, fraudsters taking out life insurance on fake, non-existent people, and connivance between agents and organizations. Dojah provides a robust Know Your Customer (KYC) solution combined with an integrated data network to help insurers mitigate this fraud. Dojah’s life insurance solution can help you prevent life insurance fraud and discover it after the fact.

During underwriting, Dojah captures the applicant's National ID and biometric proof of life via facial recognition. The facial scans are matched against National ID databases in real time to validate the applicant’s identity. Besides facial scans, the identification system also uses the unique biological IDs that fingerprints offer.

If applicants cannot validate their identity biometrically, Dojah flags the application for review. Dojah also screens applicants against watchlists and criminal databases to identify suspicious individuals.

If a death claim is filed, the insurance company can employ Dojah to power fraud monitoring. Dojah uses an integrated data network and partner and regulator databases to monitor suspicious identity usage. Even if a criminal reports someone as deceased, Dojah's AI tracks future account activity on the deceased's BVN to detect potentially fraudulent transactions by next-of-kin.

With Dojah's multilayered approach combining biometric KYC, fraud databases, and an integrated data network, insurers gain robust protection against life insurance fraud. Dojah provides insurers with reporting on high-risk applications and suspicious claims, allowing for informed decisions.

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