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Nefe Emadamerho-Atori


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Introducing EasyDetect: Dojah's Fraud Detection Solution

Performing identity verification during the customer onboarding process is the first and most critical step in fraud mitigation. However, it is only the beginning of ensuring the digital security of your business.

The next step involves the close monitoring of transactions users perform once they gain access to your system. This is critical because insincere users often exploit the loopholes in digital platforms to carry out fraudulent activities. 

For example, it is common to see a single user create multiple fake accounts through which they carry out transactions. Fraudsters often deploy this type of fraud to game systems that run campaigns like referral bonuses.  

We can find an application of transaction monitoring solutions in how credit card companies operate. In cases where a customer who has a habit of marking purchases less than $200 suddenly tries buying something worth $1500, that transaction will be flagged and trigger some security measures. This helps them protect their systems from fraud.

Having a system in place that helps you watch for unusual and sudden behaviors is important not just for compliance purposes but also for the general safety of your users. 

As it stands, businesses cannot easily identify and block suspicious activity quickly and efficiently. The occasions where this is possible often involve heavy manual processes of reviewing the transactions users make and other actions they perform. Also, the current solutions that exist do not provide you with insights into your user's behavior. 

In order to help solve your problems and better assist you in the fight against fraud, we built EasyDetect.

Introducing EasyDetect

EasyDetect is Dojah's anti-fraud solution that enables you to identify and block potentially fraudulent activities before they occur. 

For ecommerce businesses, digital and commercial banks, BNPL players, lenders, and ride-hailing platforms, we built a flexible and scalable fraud protection solution that you can easily integrate into your existing security system. You can deploy EasyDetect during the customer onboarding process and also use it to monitor wallet and card transactions after successful user onboarding.

Features of EasyDetect

EasyDetect comes with advanced fraud detection and prevention functionalities.

  • Ability to set up automated rules to block suspicious activity

Define and build rules easily with the intuitive interface that requires no coding to minimize false positives and detect suspicious activity.

  • Insights into fraudulent user behavior

EasyDetect gathers intelligence about suspicious behaviors, enabling you to create even more effective rules. This allows you to respond to changes in criminal behavior and stay one step ahead.

  • Customizable rules, events and conditions

Rules, events, and conditions can be customized to fit different customer onboarding and transaction monitoring use cases.

  • Unusual event detection beyond preset rules

Beyond the custom rules you set, EasyDetect uses machine learning to enhance its monitoring capabilities. This means it analyses the user's data and behavior and spots any conditions you may not have considered when setting the rules.

  • Automated alerts for suspicious activity

Receive real-time notifications via email, slack, or through your dashboard. Getting alerts allows you to respond quickly to suspicious activity, which boosts the security of genuine users and your platform.

  • Reduced time spent manually reviewing orders and transactions

EasyDetect automatically tacks and flags fraudulent activity and risky behavior for you, eliminating the need for manual reviews. It also increases your overall efficiency by automating the decision-making process and providing real-time alerts and analysis of suspicious activities. 

Benefits of EasyDetect

These are the benefits you get by using EasyDetect:

  • Quick and easy identification of suspicious activities
  • Proactive protection of digital platforms from fraudulent practices
  • Gain insights into fraudulent user behavior
  • Access to enhanced quality customer data 
  • Flexible and scalable fraud protection 
  • Minimizes false positives

How to Get Started With EasyDetect 

For existing customers

You can access EasyDetect through the “No Code Tools” section of the dashboard.

For new customers

Using Dojah for the first time? Follow this guide to get started:

  • Create an account
  • Get your business activated in minutes by entering your business details and providing the required information
  • Access EasyDetect through the “No Code Tools” section of the dashboard

Email us at [email protected] if you have any questions , or visit our documentation to learn more.

Start protecting your users and business with our anti-fraud solution.

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