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Nefe Emadamerho-Atori


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How to Create a Customer Onboarding Process: Step-by-Step Guide

Customer onboarding is the nurturing process that helps make the right first impression and familiarize customers with your product. Beyond your product’s initial value, it also helps users see its continued and new value as you add more features and updates or launch new products.

Providing users with a frictionless entry point to your product helps you improve their satisfaction and ultimately boosts their lifetime value (LTV).

Hence, the onboarding process is a crucial step in the user journey that helps them see how your product solves their problem and convinces them of its value.

What is a Customer Onboarding Process?

A customer onboarding process is a series of necessary steps that must be present in any user onboarding flow.

The goal of such a process is to bring structure to onboarding, enhance security from fraud, drive adoption rates, and help users to see your product’s value quickly, as failure to do so will result in a high churn rate.

Note that it is important to refine and update your onboarding process as you get feedback from your users and learn more about them.

Steps Your Customer Onboarding Process Should Contain

In business, failure to plan leads to catastrophe, and the same holds true for onboarding. It is important to define a checklist that mitigates fraud and sets your users up for long-term success, even after the onboarding process is finished. Here is a list of steps you should include when creating a customer onboarding process.

  • Gather information about the user

Information is king when dealing with users, and you cannot effectively carry out business operations without acquiring their data. Automating the information-gathering process is important as manual data collection is expensive and inefficient at scale. Not only that, but you should only collect the data you need to serve your users effectively, else, they may be turned off if they feel you are asking for information you don’t need.

  • Verify the user’s information

You’ve gotten your user’s information, great. However, you also need to verify the accuracy and truthfulness of the data. While businesses in regulated industries are legally required to verify their user’s data, everyone can benefit from doing so. With the high rate of fraud and identity theft today, it has never been more important to know who your customers are via strict KYC checks.

  • Welcome the user onboard

Making the user feel welcome to your platform is crucial to any excellent onboarding process. This is also a good point to thank them for signing up and making them feel confident that they made the right decision and are in safe hands. Depending on your business, the welcome package could be a simple welcome email, an email with a list of necessary documents, or a call with a member of your customer success team.

  • Give the user quick wins

Quick wins are low-hanging fruits in your onboarding process that helps a user feel more invested in your product without putting in too much work. These tasks help demonstrate value, make them feel good about themselves, and give them a goal to work towards.

  • Set up continuous onboarding

Good onboarding never ends, so seeking out more avenues to continuously provide value to your users is key. Doing so helps keep the relationship with your users fresh and shows them that you remain committed to developing new products and coming up with better ways to meet their needs.

  • Track, analyze, and reiterate

Continuously study and review your onboarding process in detail to identify potential pitfalls and areas of friction that you can improve on to provide a better experience for your users. Also, track their progress and evaluate their satisfaction periodically.

  • Celebrate Milestones

Don’t forget to celebrate your users’ successes and get them excited about their milestones when using your product.

Don’t forget to celebrate your users’ successes and get them excited about their milestones when using your product.

Personalized congratulatory emails, social media shoutouts, and in-app notifications are viable ways to celebrate milestones in the onboarding process.

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