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Monitor 10,000 Transactions Monthly for FREE.

Be the company that onboards more users with less work.

Switch to EasyOnboard the no-code tool for faster onboarding, customized verification options, real-time response and cost-effective integration.

Build custom onboarding experiences without writing a single line of code.

Create custom onboarding or select pre-built templates.

Toggle between biometrics, telco, financial, AML, address verification and more.

Customize the interface to match your brand standards.

Manage verification history and view user activity timelapse.

Deploy instantly with a secure link.

Onboarding platform built for going global

Optimise your onboarding rates and reach users across several markets.

Govt. ID Coverage across Africa’s major economies.

Access basic or advanced level information.

Validate every piece of information with a confidence value

Powering digital trust for companies across Africa

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The most user-friendly onboarding tool you’ll find

Seize the moment and get in touch. We’re offering $100 Free API calls so you can test and see how Dojah is truly Africa's first end-to-end onboarding platform.

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