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Monitor 10,000 Transactions Monthly for FREE.

Prevent fraud and onboard users effortlessly in

A stack of APIs, widgets and no-code tools to speed up onboarding and verify customer identity across 10+ African countries.

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Automate onboarding and cut drop-off rates
Perform all ID Verification steps while onboarding
Access identity databases across multiple countries

Powering digital trust for companies across Africa

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~4sAvg. Verification Time
99%Verified on the first try
+10African Countries

Powerful automation for non-technical teams

End-to-end Onboarding Widget

Solve all your onboarding needs with a simple widget that allows you to automate data lookup and verification with low code.

Easy Onboarding with No-Code

Create smooth onboarding for your users and a custom interface for your business with drag-and-drop identity verification tools.

Biometric Verification

Match user’s primary data with Passport, Driver's License, Social Security (SSNIT), Voter ID, and TIN (Tax Identification Number)

Spot forged document

Capture, extract & screen information on several ID document types from 150+ countries in seconds.

Verify address instantly

Speed up the address verification process for your users & yourself by capturing and confirming physical location in real-time

Authenticate users with biometrics

Verify users with a selfie or video, we check that the user is live and their facial biometrics matches a valid ID.

Expand your reach across the African market

Seize the moment and get in touch. We’re offering $100 Free API calls so you can test and see how Dojah is truly Africa's first end-to-end onboarding platform.

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