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Dojah's 2023 ID Verification & User Onboarding Trends in Africa Report

We talked to key stakeholders in African tech companies about how they prevent fraud and build modern onboarding processes. This is our compilation of key insights to help you deliver better KYC when building for the African market in 2023.

Research insights were conducted in partnership with TechCabal.

In this report, you'll see the top trends in customer onboarding across African tech products in 2023.

You'll also find out:

The essential components to efficient KYC in the African market.

The relationship between tech advancement and fraud growth rates.

Top issues users and businesses have with KYC procedures.

ID Verification & Customer Onboarding Forecast for 2023

Beat the limits of customer verification in 2023

Limited data infrastructure, a large informal market, and regulation discrepancies across countries leave businesses with no predefined framework to verify and onboard African customers.

This report provides you with the data to outsmart these limitations in 2023.

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